Dark Containers for Light Sensitive Products

tighthead pail, carboy plastic drum

We carry a selection of dark containers for light sensitive products. There are some products that are sensitive to UV rays.  Exposure to light may hasten product degradation or cause your product to lose it’s flavor. Among these products are:

  • essential oils
  • dyes
  • medications
  • flavors
  • beer
  • photography film
  • chemicals
  • adhesives
  • inks

We are told that some customers use our black plastic pails for hydroponic gardening, as the black color helps to keep down algae growth.

This article is comprised of amber colored or black containers that help to block out the UV rays.
Black Plastic Pail
Black Plastic Tight Head Drums
Amber Plastic Bottles
Amber Glass Jars
Tin Cans

As always, we would be glad to send a sample to test with your product.

Black Plastic Pail – Lids Sold Separately

The lids for our black plastic buckets (pails) are sold separately.  We stock both a solid lid and a lid with a flexspout.

Black Plastic Tight Head Drums

We have black tight head drums in 5 gallon, 15 gallon and 55 gallon sizes.

Amber Plastic Bottles – Caps Included

Our Precisionware amber plastic bottles are made from high density polyethylene (hdpe) with matching linerless polypropylene caps.

Amber Glass Jars – Caps Sold Sepatately

Our cc jars (wide mouth packers) are listed below.  Caps are sold separately.

Cap Choices

Tin cans

Of course, tin cans have always been used for light sensitive products.  Please click the link below for our can choices.

For our selection of tin cans, please click here.


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