Dish Covers Vs Lug Covers

Our open head steel pails are sold without covers.  This gives the customer various options that fit their needs.  You may, of course, buy the pail without a cover.  You may also choose between a dish cover and a lug or crimp cover.  Some of our steel pails have a UN rating.  For these pails, only certain covers may be used to keep the rating valid.  For instance, if you were to purchase Yankee Item # JAC-10PH-HG-A8BA – 5 gallon grey open head steel pail with a red phenolic lining, you would then need to use either JAC-10PH-HX-P8BR – spouted lug cover with rieke spout assembled to keep the UN rating of UN1A2/Y1.5/100 valid.  If you were to use any other cover with this pail, the UN rating would not be valid.  We also stock unlined, open head steel pails.  Some of these pails may be used either with a lug cover which has metal tabs that must be cripmed on with a lug crimper (a separate tool), or also with a dish cover.  When you use a dish cover, you must purchase a lever locking ring to keep the cover secured to the pail.  As always, it is the end user’s responsibility to ensure product compatibility and to ensure that the product being shipped is shipped in a container with the proper UN rating.  The closing instructions on our packing list (picking ticket) state which cover(s) may be used to keep the UN rating valid.





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