Do you stock any items with graduation marks?

We do offer a 5 gallon plastic bottle/jug, KLW-EC1970NTNA-1A  or ELW-EC1970NTNA-B, with gallon graduation marks. We also offer a 2.5 gallon plastic jug, HED-HPA5872 or HED-HPB4810, with gallon and litre graduation marks. Also our 55 gallon natural plastic tight head or closed head drum, SPP055CN00UL1,  has 5 gallon graduation marks.

5 Gallon Bottle/Jug – Sold as Bottle Only (No UN Designation) or Bottle in Box (UN4G/Y31.2/S)


55 Gallon Natural Plastic Tight Head Drum


2.5 Gallon F Style Jug – Sold in 2/Pack Reshipper (UN4G/Y32/S) and bulk pack (no UN designation)




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Author: Gail

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