Drums for Sale

We stock a large selection of drums for sale.  The drums can be divided into three main categories:

The drum in the picture to the right is our 15 gallon Weatherpak fibre drum, Item # SFD015024.  This drum has a plastic cover, a lever locking ring and a 5 Mil PE lining.

Our fibre drums are available in four styles – All fibre (completely fibre – no steel parts), Lok Rim (Drums with a lever locking ring – covers can be steel, plastic or fibre), Rocon (square drum), Weatherpak.


Fibre Drums

Our selection of fibre drums may be found here.


Our steel drums are available in sizes from 15 gallon to 55 gallon.  They come in open head styles (cover comes off) and tight head styles (cover does not come off).  Some drums are lined and some are unlined.  You will be able to determine what lining (if any) the drum has by reading the description.

Steel Drums

Our steel drums are located on this page.


Our plastic drums are also available in open head styles and in tight head styles.  These drums are offered in sizes from 5 gallon to 55 gallon.  Some of the smaller drums do not come with closures.  We have provided this information in the description followed by suitable closures at the end of the page.  All the drums 15 gallon and larger come with covers.

Plastic Drums

A complete list of our plastic drums can be found on this page.






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