Fibre Drums with a Locking Cover

Fiber Drums with a locking ring are referred to as Lok-Rim® fibre drums.  We also stock standard all fibre drums, all fibre transport drums and Rocon drums.  The only fibre drums that come with a lever locking ring to hold the cover securely to the body of the drum are Lok-Rim drums.  Lok-rim drums have covers that can be made from steel, plastic or fibre.  Our 7.5 gallon fibre drum listed below has a fibre cover.  Our 15 gallon Weatherpak drum listed below has a plastic cover.  The picture to the right is our 11 gallon fibre drum with a steel cover.  Lok-rim fiber drums offer strength against impact because they have top and bottom chimes.  These chimes also deliver side compression strength.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  If in doubt, please call us for a sample order for testing with your product.



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Author: Gail

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