Gallon Paint Cans

metal paint cans, lined can, unlined metal paint cans

We stock several choices in gallon paint cans. We have unlined cans with bails  (handles) Item #BSI-6012332, unlined cans with no bails Item # BSI-6010211, gold lined cans with bails Item #BSI-6010903, gold lined cans with no bails Item #BSI-6010926 and finally gray lined cans with bails Item #BSI-6012805. The lining in the gold cans is IL-19 and is a non-pigmented epoxy phenolic lining good for mild chemicals. The lining in the gray cans is IL-47 and is a pigmented epoxy phenolic lining that is more commonly used for latex.






1 gallon tin cans / paint cans

This list below shows our lined and unlined cans. We have also included our 1 gallon metal rectangular f-can


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