Gallon Plastic Jar and Plastic Jug Packed in both Reshipper and Bulk Pack Boxes

1 gallon, wide mouth plastic, plastic jar

Occasionally we will get telephone inquiries from prospective customers asking why we have two item numbers for what appears to be the same item.  In fact they are the same item.  We stock a gallon jar that is packed in a 48/pack bulk box and also packed in a 4/pack reshipper box.  The jar is shown in the picture to the right with a plastic cap (sold separately).  This food grade plastic jar is made from natural high density polyethylene and has a wide 110 400 opening.  A 110 mm opening  is approximately 4.33071 inches.  This wide opening makes the jar perfect for filling and emptying food products, storing dry products, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical products and more.  We have customers who use this jar for barbecue sauce and for pasta sauce. We also stock a food grade plastic natural high density polyethylene jug with a 38 400 opening.  A 38 mm opening is approximately 1.49606 inches.  This square gallon jug is available in both a 4/pack reshipper box and a 48/pack bulk box. Why carry the same container packed two different ways?  The simple answer is cost.  Jars and jugs packed in bulk are less expensive as there is much less corrugated involved.  Jars and jugs packed in 4/packs are priced higher due to the corrugated 4/pack boxes with every 4 jugs or jars.  Need a round jug?  No problem.  You can find round jugs in both bulk packs and 4/pack reshippers listed below.

A complete list of our caps and closures can be found here.



Gallon Jar

Square Gallon Jug

Round Gallon Jug






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