Gallon Plastic Jugs with 38mm Opening

We offer several options when purchasing gallon plastic jugs.  Choices include the following:

  • Round
  • Square
  • F Style Fluorinated
  • White
  • Natural
  • Bulk Pack
  • 4 Pack/Reshipper
  • Jug with a tamper indicating cap
  • Jug with a black acid cap
  • 4 Pack Reshipper with a UN4G Rating


All of our gallon jugs are sold without caps.  This allows you to customize your order with the cap of your choice.  A list of cap choices can be found below.  Most of our jugs take a 38 400 cap. There are three jugs (listed separately below) that must be used with a special cap.  Those jugs are listed separately with the cap shown directly below the jug.





Gallon Jugs in Bulk Pack with 38 400 Opening – Cap Sold Separately

Gallon Jugs in 4/Pack Reshipper Box with 38 400 Opening – Cap Sold Separately

38 400 Cap Choices

Click here to learn more

Gallon Jugs in 4 Pack Reshipper Boxes with Tamper Evident Caps – Caps Sold Separately

This is a 4 pack reshipper box.  The combination of bottles, cap and box have a UN4G rating.

4Litre/1Gallon Round Center Fill Jug with 38439 Acid Cap – Cap Sold Separately


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