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One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “do you sell gallon plastic jugs”? Customers also refer to these jugs by different names such as milk jugs and bleach jugs.  The short answer is yes.   All of our gallon jugs are high density polyethylene.  We sell natural jugs and white jugs.  We are often asked if natural jugs are clear.  They are not, they are translucent.  Our white jugs are opaque.  We also sell a white F style jug. APCFG-002 which is fluorinated providing a barrier treatment for this jug.  We stock gallon jugs in both square and round styles.   We stock them in bulk packs of 40, 48, 36 and 30 depending on the style.  We also stock them 4 per case in a reshipper box, allowing you to fill the jug with your product and then ship out in the same box.  We even stock one natural round jug in a 4 case reshipper box with a UN designation of UN4G/Y24/S when used with our cap # HED-COM6995.  Caps are sold separately for all of our jugs.






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