Gallon Unlined Paint Cans

Are you looking to store oil based paint?  Yankee Containers carries unlined round paint cans made of tin plated steel suitable for this purpose.  Our unlined cans are very durable for shipping and transporting product as well. Unlined cans are offered with or without handles (ears) in the gallon size.  A case contains 36 cans.  When purchasing the gallon with handles (ears), the plug and wire bails are sold separately.  If you are purchasing the gallon with no handle (ear) , the plug is sold separately.

Yankee Containers also sells a 5 quart (Imperial Gallon) unlined tin can with no handle (ear). The plug is sold separately  These are sold in cases of 30.  We will be glad to send a sample of any paint can for testing.  It is the responsibility of the customer to determine product compatibility with the packaging being purchased.  Pricing will follow the pictures below.


















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Author: Carol

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