Gallon Wide Mouth Plastic Jar

Yankee Containers stocks a 128 ounce (one gallon) natural standard round jar.  Natural jars are translucent. It is our item #HSPIWMG110N48 and is sold in cases of 48.  The same gallon jar is also stocked in a case of 4. That is our item # HSP727CT-48. These containers are lightweight and made of corrosion-resistant HDPE (high density polyethylene).  They are FDA compliant. Since these jars have a wide opening (they take a 110400 cap), filling and pouring is simplified.  The exterior dimensions are 6 inches by 9.7 inches.

Common uses include (but are not limited to) :

  • packaging food products
  • storing dry products
  • storing pastes and gels
  • packaging  personal care/cosmetics
  • storing industrial and household chemicals
  • packaging janitorial supplies
  • storing pharmaceutical products



Caps choices for gallon wide mouth plastic jar



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