Glass Boston Round Bottles

Are you looking for an amber or clear (flint) glass bottle with a rounded shoulder?  Yankee Containers stocks glass boston round bottles in sizes ranging from a small 1/2 ounce which takes an 18mm cap up to a litre amber boston round which takes a 33mm cap. Caps are sold separately for all bottles.  The one featured in the picture on the right is our 8 ounce amber boston round which takes a 24mm cap.  It comes packed in cases of 96.  A common cap option is our item # PSC01060644, a black 24mm LDPE cone cap.

Boston round bottles are commonly used in the chemical, food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.  The amber bottles provide protection from harmful UV rays and the clear bottles are great for display purposes.  A complete list of glass boston round bottles along with pricing will follow the pictures below.





















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Author: Carol

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