Glass Containers Manufactured by O-I Owens-Illinois

We stock a large selection of glass containers manufactured by O-I (Owens-Illinois).  O-I was founded in 1903 as Owens Bottle Company.  Their website advises that in 1929 they merged with Illinois Glass Company and became Owens-Illinois, Inc.  Their headquarters is located in Perrysburg, Ohio.

U.S.D.A. regulations (9 CFR, 317.24) require compliance with the Food and Drug Administration.  Glass is “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA for food and beverage contact.

Amber Glass CC Jars

Our amber glass cc jars are recommended for light sensitive products.

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Boston Round Glass Bottles

For a complete list of all boston round bottles that we currently stock (even those not manufactured by O-I), please click here.

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Square Glass Bottles

You will find more information on square bottles here.

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Straight Sided Glass Jars

More information on straight sided glass jars may be found by clicking here.

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Standard Round Glass Jars

Need more information on our standard round glass jars, please click here.

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33.5 Ounce Pickle Jar

128 Ounce (Gallon) Amber Jug

4 Litre Pharmacy Jug

You can find more detailed information and some great pictures of our pharmacy jug by clicking here.







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