Glass – “GRAS” – Generally Recognized as Safe

Many times we are asked if our glass is food grade or FDA approved.  With glass, the FDA designation is “GRAS” or generally recognized as safe.  There are many benefits to using glass.  Glass is nonporous and impermeable.  There are generally no interactions between the glass and food products that would change the flavor of the food or beverages.  Glass is also inert which means that it does not react with or absorb other substances.  Glass is generally preferred in laboratory or pharmaceutical applications to protect against chemical or biological contamination.  Glass is used to package a large variety of products from candles to baby food, from chemicals to spices and so much more.  Amber colored glass helps to block UV rays which can cause degradation to products such as essential oils.  We have a large selection of glass jugs, jars and bottles.  Please use the links below to view our product lists.

Consider our straight sided jars for foods, chemicals, candles, bath salts, crèmes and lotions.

Our clear and amber boston round bottles are a great choice for your pharmaceutical, chemical, food or cosmetic needs.

Our amber cc jars, amber boston round bottles and amber jugs are a good choice when your product needs to be protected from UV rays.

Our space saving French squares are great for herbs, spices, pills and nutritional products.

Our handled glass jugs can be used for wines, beers and chemicals.

Our utility jars are great for food products such as salsa, sauce, pickles and mayonnaise.








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