Glass Jars

We stock a large assortment of glass containers.  We carry bottles, jars and jugs.  We have choices in both amber and flint (clear).  Among the style choices are the following:

  • AC jars
  • CC jars
  • Boston Round
  • French Square
  • Straight Sided
  • Standard Round
  • Glass jugs
  • Pickle jar
  • Mayo jar

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AC Jars

AC jars are tall jars with a wide opening.  They are a great choice for product sampling.

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CC Jars

Amber CC jars, also known as wide mouth packers, are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.  Their amber color makes them a good choice for light sensitive products.

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Boston Round Bottles

Stocked in both amber and flint (clear) in sizes from 1/2 ounce to 1 litre, these bottles are used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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French Square

These space saving bottles were designed with both function and appeal.  Our 1/4 ounce is a favorite for essential oils.

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Straight Sided

Our straight sided jars are used in a wide range of products from sugar scrubs, crèmes and lotions to candles.

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Standard Round

Our standard round jars are easily identifiable.  They are commonly referred to as “baby food jars”.

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Glass Jugs

We carry handled glass jugs in 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) flint, 128 ounce (1 gallon) flint and amber and also a 4 Litre amber pharmacy jug.

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Pickle Jar

We carry a 32 ounce or quart pickle jar.

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Mayo Jar

Our 32 ounce mayo jar has a wide 70 450 opening.  This jar is commonly used for jam, BBQ sauce or pickled vegetables.

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