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We stock a large assortment of glass jars and bottles.   You can choose from cc jars, straight sided jars, standard round jars, square jars, glass jugs, boston round bottles and even a mayo jar and a pickle jar.  You may choose to place a small order, with only a $250 minimum, or order full pallets to take advantage of our bulk pricing.  All our jars and bottles are food safe.  We stock  a variety of caps to meet your special requirements.  We carry several choices in metal caps, from metal plastisol caps for hot fill canning to pulp and poly lined caps and foil lined caps.  You can choose from plastic caps with foam liners, pulp and aluminum foil liners, pressure sensitive liners and phenolic cone caps with low density polyethylene cones.  We also carry polytops and spouted caps.  For our boston round bottles, we carry a small selection of droppers.


CC Jars


CC jars or wide mouth packers are a favorite of the pharmaceutical industry and a good choice for light sensitive products.  They are easy to fill and are commonly used for pills and vitamins.



Straight Sided Jars


With a wide mouth and straight sides these jars are a good choice for bath salts, sugar scrubs, lotions, crèmes or even candles and jams.




Standard Round


Standard round jars or round shouldered jars are also commonly called baby food jars.




Square Jars


Square jars also referred to as French squares and powder squares are a good option when storage space is limited.  They allow for maximum utilization of shelf space.




AC Round


AC round jars are jars that are taller than they are wide.  With a wide opening they are good for anything from olives to spaghetti sauce.




Glass Jugs


We stock glass jugs in both amber and flint (clear) and we also stock a 4 litre pharmacy jug in amber.  These jugs have many uses including pharmaceutical applications and even for those who make their own wine.  The finger loops make them easy to handle.




Boston Round


Boston round bottles have a narrow neck and are a good choice for chemicals, food or pharmaceuticals.  Their narrow mouth is excellent for precision pouring or consider pairing them with a dropper.




Mayo Jar

Our 32 oz Mayo jar with it’s 70/470 mm opening takes a 70G metal cap with a plastisol liner.



32 Oz Mayo Glass Jar

32 Oz Mayo Glass Jar


Pickle Jar

We stock one jar that is 33.5 oz with a 70405 closure in flint glass.  This jar is commonly called a pickle jar.


32 oz Pickle Jar

32 oz Pickle Jar












We carry a large assortment of metal and plastic caps.



















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