Glass Jugs with Handles

Our glass jugs with handles are available in clear (flint) glass and amber (brown) glass.  Both jugs have a finger handle and a 38 400 opening.  They are both packed 4 per case.  Glass is commonly used in labs and in the pharmaceutical industry.  This is because glass is inert which means that it does not react with foreign substances or absorb them.  Glass is impermeable to oxygen which means that it will retain the original flavor, odor or taste of products stored in glass containers.  In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to preserve the properties of medicines.  Glass is also easy to sterilize and acts as a natural barrier against bacteria.

Flint (clear) Glass Jug

Glass is a favorite in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and even with companies that manufacture high quality cleaning products such as for medical devices and fiber optics.

Amber (brown) Glass Jug

Amber glass is commonly used in packaging beer, perfume oils, aromatherapy oils, nutritionals and homeopathic products.  It’s dark color helps to block harmful UV rays that would otherwise degrade these products causing them to lose flavor and odor.

Closure Options

All of our cap choices can be found on our closures and accessories page.






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