Glass Sample Bottles & Jars

We frequently receive calls from customers asking for “sample bottles”.   Sample bottle is a common term used to describe any small glass or plastic bottle or jar used to hold a small quantity of product.  The following style of small glass containers are available for sale:

  • Amber glass cc jars  (wide mouth packers)
  • Ac round clear jars
  • Straight sided clear jars
  • French square (powder square) clear jars
  • Boston round clear and amber bottles

Amber glass is a good choice when a product can be affected by harmful UV rays. Clear glass has the benefit of great visibility.  Caps are sold separately for each bottle or jar.  The picture on the right shows our 3 ounce French square next to the 2 ounce straight sided round.   A small assortment of our inventory can be found by scrolling below.  Other larger sizes are also available.






















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Author: Carol

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