Green Open Head Nestable Steel Pail

Our 29 gauge green open head steel pail is unlined.  It does have a rust inhibitor.  This pail does not have a UN designation, therefore, if a cover is needed, you may choose any cover.  Covers are sold separately.  We carry lug covers or your may choose a dish cover.  When choosing a dish cover, you would need a lever locking ring to attach the cover to the pail body.  A product list of covers can be found here.  This green steel pail is one of the more inexpensive pails that we stock.  Many times our customers use these pails in house to store parts or eliminate non-hazardous waste.  Another option that might be considered is to use a pail liner.  Pail liners may be an alternative to lined steel pails.  You can find information on our rigid pail liner here.

5 Gallon Open Head Green Unlined Steel Pail




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Author: Gail

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