Hobby Oil Squeeze Bottles

Looking for squeeze bottles for hobby oil?   Only need a small quantity?  We stock several different size hobby oil squeeze bottles that might just fit your requirements, and our low $250 minimum allows you to purchase only what you need. Squeeze bottles are used in several different hobbies and industries for maintenance and repair.   Among them are the following:

    • Model Trains
    • Slot Car Racing
    • Grandfather Clocks
    • Mantel Clocks
    • Sewing Machine Oil

Our caps are sold separately, allowing you to customize your order.  We have flip top caps, spouted caps, sprayers and a 38400 Quick Serve Spigot.  We sell these closures in 15415, 20410, 24410, 28400, 28410 and 38400 sizes.  Simply match one of our plastic hobby oil squeeze bottles with a cap of the same size.  The bottle openings are listed in the description of each bottle.



38400 Spigot

Polytop Caps

Spouted Caps



Squeeze Bottles

15415 Opening

20410 Opening

24410 Opening

28400 Opening

28410 Opening

38400 Opening




























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