Large Glass Jars

The two largest glass jars that we stock are our 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) and our 128 ounce (1 gallon) jars.  Our gallon jar has a 110 mm opening – approximately 4.33 inches.  Our 64 ounce jar has an 83 mm opening – approximately 3.26 inches.  These wide openings make the jars easy to fill and to empty.  Among the more popular uses for this jar are food products such as herbs, pickles, salsa, spices, relish, pasta and BBQ sauce.  The gallon jars are packed 4 per case and the half gallon jars are packed 6 per case.  Listed below you will find both metal and plastic cap choices for these jars.


64 Ounce – 1/2 Gallon Jar 



128 Ounce – 1 Gallon Jar










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Author: Gail

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