Large Silver Tin Cans

10 lb can, metal can, slip cover tin, metal can with slide on cover

In addition to a varied selection of tin paint cans and tin F style cans, Yankee Containers carries a line of slipcover tin cans (ink cans). All of these types of tin cans are made of tin plated steel.  Featured on the right is our item #ASC10LB080.  It is one of our large silver tin cans. They come packed in cases of 45. The exterior dimensions are as follows: W: 7 8/16″  H: 6 2/16″. We also stock a large slip cover can with the following exterior dimensions:  W: 7 8/16″ H: 11:”.  They come packed in cases of 18. That is our item # ASC7081140. We recommend that you get a sample of the can you are interested in. A list of all of the sizes of ink cans will follow the pictures below.


 A complete list of our Slipcover Tin Cans/Ink Cans follows:














































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