Light Duty or Easy Open Plastic Pails

Some of our customer’s have the need for a light duty plastic pail. Normally what this means is that the customer is not shipping his/her product and wants a lid that can be removed easily and reused. Commonly,  pails like this can be used for things like picking blueberries or strawberries or selling ice cream. We stock a 1 gallon pail, a 2.5 gallon pail (with or without a handle) and, when available, a 4.25 gallon pail.  These pails do not have a UN rating.  They are made of FDA approved high density polyethylene.  The 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon with handle and 4.25 gallon pails have a wire handle with a plastic grip.  The lids for these pails do not have a gasket.

1 Gallon Easy Open Plastic Pail

2.5 Gallon Easy Open Plastic Pail

4.25 Gallon Easy Open Plastic Pail









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Author: Gail

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