Linings for Steel Pails and Tin Cans

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As you look at some items on Yankee Container’s website, you may come across some terminology that you may not recognize, or understand, with regard to linings in our tin cans or steel pails.  Some of these are as follows:  2K120 = Olive Drab Phenolic, 2KC1117 = Red Phenolic, C26 = Buff Epoxy Phenolic, 2KC120 = Olive Drab Phenolic, D8 = Red Phenolic, C1117 = Red Phenolic, IC525 = Red Phenolic, R24 = Rust Inhibitor, R990 = Rust Inhibitor, 2K = Red Phenolic, IC520 = Clear Phenolic, IC636 = Buff Epoxy Phenolic, IC635 = Buff Epoxy Phenolic, IC526 = Red Phenolic, IC643 = Olive Drab Phenolic and 2 U Insert = 10 Mil Low Density Polyethylene.



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Author: Gail

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