Looking For Carbon Steel Drums?

If you are looking for carbon steel drums, perhaps we can help.  We carry both open head (top is removable) and tighthead (top has bungs or fittings and is not removable) in sizes from 5 gallon to 55 gallon.  We carry unlined open head drums and both lined and unlined tighthead drums.  The 55 gallon lined tightheads have either a buff epoxy phenolic lining or an olive drab phenolic lining.  We also carry composite drums.   We even carry a 55 gallon steel drum that has a removable steel cover that is secured to the drum with a bolt ring.  The cover has two 2″ nylon flanges and plugs.   This drum has a 15 mil smooth wall insert and cover disc and the interior of the steel has a .8 mil red phenolic lining.  It is our item # MSD5-24-01 and is different from composite drums as it can be disassembled and put back together.  Consider our low minimum order requirement of only $250 making it convenient to purchase one or two drums.









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Author: Gail

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