Low Density Squeeze Applicator Bottles

Low density polyethylene bottles (LDPE) are commonly called applicator bottles and/or squeeze bottles.  Low density polyethylene is softer and much less rigid than high density polyethylene making these bottles a great choice for squeeze applications.  We sell two types of applicator caps – polytop caps and spouted caps.  The polytop caps have a little tube in the center which can be flipped open to dispense product and then flipped back down.  The spouted caps are similar to the caps on a glue bottle and have a red tip which can be removed and then placed back on the bottle.  We stock these squeeze bottles in 1/2 ounce, 4 ounce and 8 ounce sizes.  Caps are sold separately and listed below.  Compatibility of the product with the packaging is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call us for samples for testing with your product.



Low Density Polyethylene LDPE Bottles

Polytop Caps

Spouted Caps










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