Plastic Drums Manufactured by Mauser


Mauser is a manufacturer who takes pride on success as a tradition.  Mauser was founded in 1896 by Dr. Alfons Mauser.  Among the products they manufacture are plastic drums, steel drums and fiber drums.  They supply products to many different industries such as:

  • food & beverage
  • industrial chemicals
  • paint, inks, dyes
  • pharmaceuticals
  • petrochemicals

They have locations around the world, with many of them in the United States.  Yankee Containers buys plastic drums from Mauser’s East Brunswick New Jersey location.  With their manufacturing plant so close to our Connecticut location, we are always able to obtain drums in a relatively short time frame. The selection of drums we stock that are manufactured by Mauser includes:

15 Gallon White and Natural Delex Tight Head Plastic Drums

Detailed pictures and more product information can be found here.

15 Gallon Black Deldrum

More information on this heavy duty drum can be found in this article.

30 Gallon Blue Open Head Drum with Natural Cover and Lever Lock Ring

More specific information on this drum can be found by clicking here.

55 Gallon Blue and Natural Tight Head Drums

If you require additional information of our Mauser closed head drums, you can find it here.

55 Gallon Blue Open Head Drum with Natural Cover and Lever Lock Ring

Our 55 gallon blue open head drum is a food grade drum.  It is also UN rated with a Y rating for hazardous substances.  You can find additional information and pictures here.

55 Gallon  Black Tight Head Drum

This drum is considered an “electronics clean” drum.  More information can be found here.











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