Metal Containers

Metal containers or tin containers are made from tin plated steel.  The metal cans we stock can be divided into three separate categories:

Our smallest paint can style container  is our 4 ounce or 1/4 pint round paint can.  Our largest paint can style container is our Imperial Gallon or 5 quart can.  Our metal paint cans are stocked both lined and unlined.  Some of our lined cans are available with a grey lining (pigmented epoxy phenolic) or with a gold lining (unpigmented epoxy phenolic).  Our gallons are available both with and without handles.

Our F style metal cans are stocked in sizes from pint cans (16 ounces) to 1 gallon (128 ounces).  We stock both a UN rated 1 gallon F style metal can and also a 1 gallon F style metal can that is not UN rated.  We also carry a 1/2 pint (8 ounce) round utility can which is listed below.

Our slip cover tins, (tea tins) or metal tins, are stocked in sizes from 4 ounces to our large tin ASC7081140 which holds approximately 1.98 US Gallons.  Please note that for your convenience the description of each can shows how much it can hold in liquid measurments, however, these cans are meant for dry products not liquids.

As it is the customer’s responsibility to be sure that the product he is shipping is compatible with the container, we would be happy to supply a sample for testing.

Metal Containers – Paint Can Style

1/4  Pint (4 Ounce) Metal Can – Paint Can Style – Plug Sold Separately

Our 1/4 pint metal can is unlined.  The plug (lid) is sold separately.

1/2 Pint (8 Ounce) Metal Can – Paint Can Style – Unlined & Grey LinedLids Included W/Cans

Pint (16 Ounce) Unlined Metal Can- Paint Can Style  – Lid Sold Separately

Pint (16 Ounce) Gold & Grey Lined  Metal Cans – Paint Can Style – Lids Included W/Cans

Quart (32 Ounce) Metal Cans – Paint Can Style – Unlined – Gold Lined & Grey Lined – Lids Sold Separately

Half Gallon (64 Ounce) Unlined Metal Cans – Paint Can Style – Lid Sold Separately

Gallon (128 Ounce) Metal Cans- Paint Can Style – Lined and Unlined  – Lids & Handles Sold Separately

Covers (Plugs) for Round Gallon Cans


5 Quart Unlined Metal Can – Paint Can Style  – Imperial Gallon – Plug Sold Separately

Metal Containers – F Can Style and 1/2 Pint Round Utility Can

1/2 Pint (8 Ounce) Metal Can – Round Utility Can Style  – Cap & Seal Sold Separately

Pint (16 Ounce) Metal Can F Can Style – Cap & Seal Sold Separately

Quart (32 Ounce) F Can Style Metal Can – Cap & Seal Sold Separately

Half Gallon  (64 Ounce) F Can  Style Metal Can – Cap & Seal Sold Separately

Gallon (128 Ounce) F Can Style Metal Cans – Cap & Seal Sold Separately

Gallon F Can- 1.75 Opening

Gallon F Can – 1.125 Beta Opening – UN Rated

Metal Containers – Slip Cover Style









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