Metal F Style Oblong Cans with and without Handle

We stock rectangular, or oblong, F style cans in several sizes.  Our 1 gallon F can is available both with and without a UN rating and this size does have a handle.  Our half gallon can also has a handle.  Our quart and pint F style cans do not have a handle.  Our 8 ounce round utility can also does not have a handle.  We have listed the caps and seals directly below each can for your convenience as these are priced separately.  Metal oblong cans are commonly used for the following products:

  • chemicals
  • industrial solvents
  • lubricants
  • motor oil
  • paint thinners
  • charcoal lighter fluid
  • solvents

1 Gallon F Style Tin – 1.75 Opening – Non-UN

1 Gallon F Style Tin – 1.125 Beta Opening – UN Rated

64 Ounce – Half Gallon F Style Tin – 1.25 Opening

32 Ounce – Quart F Style Tin – 1.75 Opening

16 Ounce – Pint F Style Tin – 1.25 Opening

8 Ounce – 1/2 Pint – Round Utility Can – 1.75 Delta Opening












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Author: Gail

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