Metal Jar and Bottle Caps For Sale


Our metal jar and bottle caps are available in black, white and gold.  Lining choices consist of pulp & poly lined, pulp & foil lined and plastisol lined.  Partial uses for the pulp & poly lined caps are for adhesives, ammonia and antacids.  Partial uses for the pulp & aluminum foil lined caps are for carbon tetrachloride, chrome cleaner and grease.  The majority of plastisol lined caps are used for food products.  This page has the caps separated by lining type.  Under each lining type is a link to an article with more information.

Pulp & Poly Lined Metal Caps

The liners in the pulp & poly caps are high density PE film on pulp backing.  More information on this type of liner can be found here.

Black Foil Lined Cap

PAF Lined caps are pulp & aluminum foil lined.   A suggested list of uses can be found on this page.

White Foil Lined Cap

Gold Plastisol Lined Caps

Our Plastisol lined caps have a gasket that expands with hot products.  More information can be found in this article.

White Plastisol Lined Caps











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