Natural Plastic Bottles

The majority of our natural plastic bottles are made from high density polyethylene.  A few, however, are made from low density polyethylene and you will find the material type listed in the item description.  The bottle styles available are modern round, boston round and cylinder.  We stock natural plastic bottles in sizes from 32 ounces to 1/2 ounce.  Cap choices are available in both metal and plastic and include foam lined caps, phenolic cone caps, polytop caps, spouted caps and sprayers.  Please use the blue shortcut links above to go directly to the size of your choice.  Compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  We would be happy to send samples for testing with your product.


32 Ounce

16 Ounce

12 Ounce

8 Ounce

4 Ounce

2 Ounce

1 Ounce

1/2 Ounce

Caps & Closures

A complete list of our cap choices can be found here.






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