Oil Bottle with Box for Packaging Organic Oil

Our 35 lb. – 4.6 gallon high density polyethylene oil bottle packaged in a box may be a good choice for packaging organic oil.  This food grade bottle has a 63mm neck and can hold up to 35 lbs. of food oil.  We offer this bottle and box combination as a set, the bottle is not available separately.  If you plan to fill this bottle with warm oil, we advise that you do not exceed 160 degrees.  Also, as a word of caution, these bottles do not ship well via UPS.  Consider these bottles for the following:

  • soybean oil
  • canola oil
  • sunflower oil
  • safflower oil
  • flax seed oil

Caps are sold separately and listed below.  We stock a 63mm foam lined cap item # RKCF632502F217, however if you are looking for a superior seal, we recommend the cap with the EPDM gasket, item # RKCSC-63R-143.  This cap with it’s EPDM gasket also has a 3/4″ center reducer which can be punched out.  Once punched out, if needed, you can thread our 3/4″ Florite faucet directly into the cap.  Pictures may be found below after the item descriptions and pricing.  As always, it is the responsibility of the shipper to be sure his product is compatible with the packaging.

35 lb Oil Bottle

63mm Caps

3/4″ Faucet



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Author: Gail

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