Open Head Steel Drum with PE Liner

We stock a 55 gallon open head steel drum with a polyethylene liner.  This drum has a 1.1 mm steel body and bottom.  It has a 1.3 mm steel cover with two 2″ nylon flanges & plugs.  It has a 15 mil smooth wall polyethylene insert and cover disc.  The interior of the drum has an .8 Mil red phenolic lining.  The exterior of the drum is black and the cover is white.  The cover is held on with a bolt ring.  This drum has a UN rating of UN1A2/Y1.5/100.  Just to be clear, this is not a composite drum.  It is simply a steel drum with a polyethylene liner.  We have a customer who uses this drum for his  product which is extremely sensitive to iron and, therefore, what this drum does is offer double protection in keeping his product away from contact with the steel drum.  The double protection would be 1) the polyethylene liner and 2) the .8 mil red phenolic lining coating the drum.  The cover to this drum is completely removable.  When you remove the cover, the plastic cover disc is also removed leaving the polyethylene liner in the drum.  You can see the liner sticking out just a little bit under the cover of the drum in the picture to the right.
















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Author: Gail

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