Pail Box for Plastic and Steel 5 Gallon Pails

Among the boxes that we stock is our item # VCI48358.  This box will fit a 5 gallon plastic bucket or a 5 gallon steel pail.  In order to fit the plastic bucket (pail)  in the box, the lid would have to be fitted on the pail.  With the steel pails, there would be some extra room at the top of the box, however, it would fit a 5 gallon steel pail and lug cover or a 5 gallon steel pail with a dish cover and a ring.  It would also fit our tighthead pails.

As with all of our stock boxes, it allows a low cost option for purchasing a smaller quantity than if you were to have custom boxes made.

We can, of course, have custom boxes, either printed or unprinted, made for you.  The quantities vary according to the size of the box.  Contact us with your needs and we would be happy to provide a quote.

Things to note:

  • Convenient
  • Low cost
  • Small Quantities
  • Low $250 minimum
  • Avoid the additional handling charge from UPS – Currently UPS charges $8.75 for “any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container”.

5 Gallon Pail Box

5 Gallon Plastic Pail Choices

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Solid Covers for 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

Spouted Covers for 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

Soft Cover – Fits 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

Steel Pail Choices

Rieke Spout (Needed for Pails w/Rieke Openings)

Please Note: Rieke Spouts are sold separately for tight head pails with rieke openings

Rieke FlexSpout Crimping Tool

Please Note: The Rieke Flexspout crimping tool is sold separately.

Tight Head Steel Pails

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Open Head Steel Pails

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Please Note: Lug Covers, Dish Covers and Leverlock rings are sold separately


Dish Covers, Lug Covers and Lever Lock Ring




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