PET or PETE is short for polyethylene terephthalate.  Because of it’s excellent water and moisture barrier properties, you find many plastic bottles and soft drink bottles made from this material.  PET bottles have a recycling symbol of 1 and most, if not all, recycling centers accept these bottles.  Some of the properties of PET that make it so attractive are that it is:

  • food grade
  • safe
  • strong
  • transparent
  • versatile
  • light weight
  • shatter resistant
  • recyclable

If your children have ever dropped a liter soda bottle on the kitchen floor, you know how shatter resistant this material is.  Currently we stock a 40 oz round jar with a wide mouth 89400 opening.  This jar is easy to fill and empty.  We have even had schools tell us that they use these jars for terrariums.  The dimension of the jar are:  3.875 W by 6.550 H.

As always, we would be pleased to send a sample so that you can test for product compatibility.









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