Pint Paint Cans for Sale

As with our gallon and quart paint cans, we have pint paint cans  (16 ounce) for sale in three styles.  We stock unlined pint cans, grey lined and gold lined pint cans.  The lining in the gold lined cans is non-pigmented epoxy phenolic.  The lining in the grey lined cans is pigmented epoxy-phenolic.  Our unlined cans and lids are sold separately.  The gold and grey lined cans are sold with lids included in the price.  We would be happy to send a sample for testing.  Product compatibility is the responsibility of the shipper.  Our complete line of paint cans may be found on this page.


Unlined Pint Can – Plug Sold Separately


Gold Lined Pint Can – Plug Included


Grey Lined Pint Can – Plug Included








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Author: Gail

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