Pint Plastic Containers




We offer several choices in pint plastic.  The color choices are white and natural.  The material choices are high density polyethylene, fluorinated hdpe, clear polystyrene, clarified polypropylene and white polypropylene.  The style choices are listed below:


  • Narrow mouth cylinder – 24mm and 28mm
  • Narrow mouth modern round
  • Narrow mouth boston round
  • Wide mouth jars
  • F style fluorinated with handle
  • Injection molded jars – white, clarified and clear polystyrene – in both regular wall and thickwall
  • 500 cc 53mm
  • 16 oz tub
  • 18 oz vapor lock

You can choose from plastic or metal caps, sprayers, spouted caps or polytop caps.  Click here for more information on plastic caps.  Click here for more information on metal caps.










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Author: Gail

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