Looking For Pint Tin Containers

Our pint tin containers consist of the following:

  • Pint unlined paint can
  • Gold lined paint can – non-pigmented epoxy phenolic
  • Grey lined paint can – pigmented epoxy phenolic
  • F style can
  • Slip cover tin




Unlined Pint Can – Plug (Lid) Sold Separately

Gold Lined Pint Can  – Plug (Lid) Included

Gold linings are non-pigmented epoxy phenolic.  This type of lining is good for mild chemicals.

Grey Lined Pint Can – Plug (Lid) Included

Grey linings are pigmented epoxy phenolic.  This type of lining is good for latex paints.

F Style Can – Cap and Seal Sold Separately

F style cans are typically used for turpentine or mineral spirits.

Slip Cover Tin – Lid Included

Slip cover tins are good for ink.  They are also used for dry food products such as popcorn and loose tea.  You must be sure that your product does not react with tinplate.  If it does, we suggest using a plastic bag as a liner. We also have customers that use these tins for candles.


This has been an article on containers by size.





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