Plastic Bottle and Jar Caps For Sale

We stock a variety of plastic bottle and jar caps in various sizes.  The caps below are grouped together by lining type for your convenience.  We stock most caps in either black or white.  All caps are continuous thread caps.  We have spouted, polytop, glass droppers, sprayers, and solid caps.  They are available unlined, aluminum foil lined, with a low density polyethylene cone, foam lined or with a pressure seal.  We have a 38 400 child resistant cap, a 38 400 induction seal cap and a 110 400 shaker cap.  We even have a 38 400 quick serve spigot for use on our Kubes.  Samples of several different plastic caps can be seen in the picture to the right.  Not sure which cap to use?  We would be happy to send samples for testing on your bottles or jars.  Please scroll down past the pictures below for all the cap choices along with pictures and pricing.






Pulp & Aluminum Foil Lined Plastic Caps

Black Foam Lined Caps

White Foam Lined Caps

Unlined Plastic Caps

Induction Seal Cap

Pressure Sensitive and Quick Serve Spigot

Child Resistant Cap and Acid Cap

Black Phenolic Cone Cap with Low Density Polyethylene Liner

Polytop Caps and Spouted Caps

Glass Droppers

Sprayers and Pump



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