Plastic Bottles and Jars Manufactured by Hillside Plastics

Located in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, Hillside Plastics manufactures blow molded high density polyethylene and polypropylene containers.  They service the following industries:

  • food
  • chemical
  • household
  • automotive

Listed in this article, are the jars and bottles Yankee Containers buys from Hillside Plastics.

Shown in the picture at right is our 32 ounce carafe shown with a trigger sprayer (sold separately).


We stock a 32 ounce (quart) white F style bottle and a 32 ounce white carafe manufactured by Hillside.


We stock a gallon wide mouth jar with a 110 400 opening in both a 4/pack and a 48/pack.  We also stock a 32 ounce jar with an 89 400 opening and an 8 ounce jar with a 70 400 opening.










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Author: Gail

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