Plastic Containers for Pastries and Cookies

We stock several sizes of plastic containers that are suitable for cookies or small pastries.  Our plastic tubs, also know as deli tubs, are food safe.  The 64 ounce tub is made with polypropylene(PP) and all the other sizes are made with high density polyethylene(HDPE).  All the lids are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE).

All our tubs are freezer safe and can be frozen to -20 degrees F.  Add a label for an attractive display package.  Economical and versatile, these tubs can be used in many applications.  Consider the following uses:

  •  soups
  •  salads
  • cookies
  • pastries
  • cookie dough
  • pasta sauce
  • popcorn

If you are filling the tubs with hot product, please be advised that HDPE tends to soften around the boiling point of water, which is 212 degrees F.  The 64 ounce tub, being made from polypropylene, has a slightly greater heat tolerance, approximately 250 degrees F.  All the lids, being made from low density polyethylene are less heat tolerant.



Our selection of plastic tubs is listed below – lids are sold separately.


16 Ounce Tubs

32 Ounce Tubs

64 Ounce Tubs

86 Ounce Tubs

128 Ounce Tubs

10 LB. Tubs




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