Baseball Buckets/Seats

Looking for an idea that combines storage of baseballs, softballs or tennis balls with seating? Consider our 6 gallon plastic pail with lid and seat cushion.  This sturdy plastic pail can be used to store baseballs, softballs, or tennis balls. The pail has a wire handle with a plastic grip, making it convenient to carry. Add the 40CT cover to the pail and place the seat cushion on top and now you have a handy place to sit.  This waterproof polyethylene foam seat cushion insert conveniently fits on top of the pail lid. It is 10-5/8″ diameter and 1-1/8″ height.  Once the game is over, simply remove the cushion and store it in the pail along with the balls, thus keeping it safe from falling off while in transit.










 6 Gallon Plastic Pail

40CT Lids

Pail Seat – Minimum Quantity 250


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Author: Gail

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