Plastic Pails for Cake Batter and Cookie Dough

Among our customers, we have several who run bakeries and internet cake shops.  These customers buy plastic pails.  Some use our easy open pails, but some use our smaller heavy duty pails with the gasketed cover.  With this type of cover, which has a very snug fit, the pails can be transported easily without worry of contamination or spillage.  We are told that some of the uses for these pails are:

  • transporting cake batter
  • cookie dough
  • baking supplies

If you prefer a pail with a cover that is easy to use, then consider our easy open pails in the 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 4.25 gallon sizes.  The covers to these pails do not have a gasket.

Whatever your choice, we have the pails to suit your needs.

We would be happy to send a sample.  Just call us at 203-288-3851 or send a request to and tell us what you need.  In most cases, we send samples at no charge.

 Easy Open Pails – Lids Sold Separately

Heavy Duty Pails – Lids Sold Separately




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