Plastic Pails

5 gallon buckets, 3.5 gallon buckets, spouted plastic covers, screw cap covers, teartab covers

We stock plastic pails, or plastic buckets, in sizes from 1 gallon through 6.5 gallons.  The majority of our pails from 3.5 gallon – 6.5 gallons are heavy duty pails.  These pails are 90 mil, as are our 3.5 gallon and 5 gallon twist and lock pails and our 5 gallon white UN liquid pail.  Our 1 gallon pails, both easy open and heavy duty, are 60 mil.  Our 2 gallon heavy duty pails are 65 mil.  Our 2.5 gallon light duty pails are 50 mil.  Our 4.25 gallon light duty plastic pail is 65 mil.

The easy open, or light duty pails, are available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 4.25 gallon sizes.  The 2.5 gallon size is available both with and without a handle.  This pail is commonly referred to as an ice cream bucket.  Lids to all of our pails are sold separately.  The lids to the light duty pails have no gasket and are similar to the lids used on deli tubs.

For a complete list of our plastic pails, along with pricing please view this page.  On this page you will also find some information on minimum quantities needed to have custom printing on the pails.

Please contact us with any questions, or to obtain a sample for testing with your product.  Compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the customer/end user.




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