Plastic Tight Head Containers – 5 Gallon – Round and Rectangular


5 gallon plastic tight head containers are available in both round and rectangular styles.  All the containers on this page have a UN rating.  In some cases, caps are sold separately.  If caps are included, it is noted in the description.  These containers are used in a variety of industries.  We have customers that use them for janitorial supplies, liquid fertilizer, maple syrup, and tanning solution.  Although these jerricans are rated for hazardous liquids, they certainly may be used for food products (all except the black) and for non-hazardous liquids.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please scroll down the page for pricing and descriptions.

Round Tight Head Containers – Closures Sold Separately

Rectangular Tight Head Containers – Closures Sold Separately

Rectangular Delex Tight Head Containers – Closures Included

Wrench to Fit 2″ Buttress Plugs in Delex Containers


















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