Plug Wrenches (Drum Opening Wrenches) for Drums and Tighthead Pails

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We carry a number of drum opening wrenches suitable for use with drum plugs , drum bungs and caps.

There are two primary types of closures for drums. Most larger size drums utilize  a drum plug which threads into the drum opening, while others (typically smaller 5 gallon drums) use caps which thread on the outside of the opening. For the purpose of this article we will simply call them Plugs (internal thread) and Caps (external thread).

Drums Plugs and Bungs

As mentioned above plugs thread into the drum.   Note in the image of the drum below how the threads are inside the opening of the drum.

Gasket on Plug

Gasket on Plug

Now notice in the pictures below of some drum plugs how the threads on the plugs are on the outside.


Caps for Drums

Drum caps such as our FS70 screw cap and FS60 spouted caps operate differently. The threads are on the outside of the container.  Note the image below of our 5 gallon natural plastic drum.

external threads on 5 gallon winpakThe threads are on the outside of the container and therefore require a screw cap just like a standard bottle, jar or jug. In the images of drum screw caps below you will note that the threads are on the inside of the caps.


Now that the difference is clear we offer the following:


Drum Plug Wrench

This heavy duty drum opening wrench features a long arm allowing you to get significant leverage on less cooperative or tightly torqued drum plugs or bungs.  This wrench is our Item Number RKCW168.

drum plug wrench

Drum Cap Wrench

This light weight and inexpensive cap wrench fits our FS60 and FS70 drum caps.  (RKCW397)

70mm cap wrench FS70


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