Pressure Seal Plastic Caps for Reliable Protection

Our pressure seal, or pressure sensitive, plastic caps have an .020 pressure sensitive adhesive polystyrene foam liner.  These caps should be used on glass and plastic containers only when packing dry products.  They are a cost effective option if your product needs a seal and you don’t have an induction seal machine.  When the cap is applied to the bottle or jar, the neck of the container MUST  be absolutely dry.  This liner has an adhesive side that will stick to the opening of the jar or bottle.  The cap must remain on for 24 hours in order to attain maximum seal.  After that time, when the cap is removed, the liner will stick to the opening of the container.  These caps give reliable protection, can help to preserve freshness and help to prevent product contamination.  These caps do not, however, meet the specifications for a tamper evident seal.

Pressure Seal Cap Choices


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Author: Gail

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