Plastic Carboys

What is a Plastic Carboy?

The word carboy, as defined by Websters, is a large glass bottle encased in a basket or or box, used especially for the holding of corrosive liquids.

The term “plastic carboy” is essentially industrial jargon which means a plastic container of similar size (5 gallons) which is also appropriate for use with corrosive or hazardous materials, within the limitations of plastic.

While they where probably first developed to serve as a plastic equivalent to their glass counterparts their use has grown to include non-hazardous materials as well. Due to their efficient size and sturdy construction many industries have found these containers are superior to other methods of shipping and storage for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Round Plastic Carboys

Our round plastic carboys are stocked in 5 and 6 gallon sizes in a variety of colors and fittings. Fittings include standard 70mm screw plugs and caps or Rieke flexspout closures.

Rectangular Plastic Carboys

Our rectangular plastic carboys are stocked in the five gallon size in a number of configurations, including screw cap closure styles and screw plug closure styles.

Plastic Jerricans

Natural and Pigmented Plastic Jerricans
This is another term for the rectangular plastic carboy. It is the correct term for UN regulations.