Plastic Jugs

Round Plastic Jugs

Our round plastic jugs are stocked in 64oz and 1 Gallon sizes. Our one gallon plastic jugs are available in several styles. Most styles offer a choice of bulk packs or 4 pack reshipper cartons.

Several of our reshipper cartons are UN certified for the shipment of regulated materials.

Reshipper cartons can save you time and money by providing a certified 4G package for your product (4G is UNese for combination packaging) which does not require seperate packaging or certification.

Square Plastic Jugs

Our one gallon square plastic jugs are available in either a standard or a heavy duty version.

Like the rounds theses also are available in bulk packs or reshipper cartons.

Rectangular Plastic Jugs

Our rectangular plastic jugs or F Style jugs are stocked in sizes ranging from 1 pint to 2.5 gallons. Antifreeze is often found packed in F style jugs.