Rectangular Tight Head Containers in Natural and Black

We stock two rectangular tight head plastic containers/drums.  One is natural and the other is black.  Both are high density polyethylene and have a UN rating of UN3H1/Y1.8/100.  The natural container is FDA compliant and may be used for food products.  The black may not be used for food products.  Commonly, this type of container is used for the following:

  • paints
  • coatings
  • adhesives
  • mastics
  • additives
  • agricultural chemicals
  • viscous products
  • maple syrup (NATURAL ONLY)
  • janitorial supplies

Both containers are shipped with a dust cap to protect the cleanliness of the container.  Both containers come with a 28mm vent cap.  The 70mm caps must be purchased separately. As always, the shipper is responsible for the compatibility of his product with the container.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.


5 Gallon Natural

5 Gallon Black






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Author: Gail

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